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Top Gun Diesel was started simply for the love of diesels. With mechanical engineering experience, involving focus on internal combustion engines, we have the knowledge to conquer anything. We can custom tune your truck, build you a competition sled pulling or drag racing engine, or simply sell you parts. Call us and let us know what we can do for you.

Charlie Rumgay started Top Gun Diesel back in 2013 after years of tinkering on his first diesel truck; a 2006 Cummins. The more he tinkered the more intrigued he became about diesel performance. What started out as a hobby soon flew into the danger zone of full time business.

While Top Gun Diesel specializes in Ford, Dodge, GM and Jeep diesels, Charlie’s heart is still with the Dodge Ram Cummins. He traded his old 2006 for a 2012 model, which has been extensively modified. It started out with a manual transmission, but was soon fortified with a Stage 3 48RE Race Automatic. A race automatic has better clutches, a triple disk torque converter, billet shafts and stronger components compared to a stock one. This gave him a strong foundation to build a truck that was equally suited to the drag strip or for sled pulling.

Charlie attributes his shop’s popularity to the personal touch he gives his customers. He doesn’t just sell a part and say “see you later”; all his customers get his personal cell number so they can text or call after hours with questions or for help on installs. Charlie loves hearing about how the products and services he provides have helped his customers achieve their goals with their trucks.

He is very involved with several sled pulling teams; the most popular being the Thunder Rolls pulling team. Racing and pulling helps Top Gun Diesel stay at the forefront of technology in the diesel industry. As Charlie says, innovation in the diesel industry is a huge collective effort. The newest thing out currently that has caught everyone’s attention is the EZ Lynk with (Shift on the Fly) SOTF Tuning. This enables you to switch between different tunes with a simple twist of a knob, from a mild street tune that saves fuel to a full race tune for storming down the quarter mile.

When asked what he would recommend to a customer with a brand new truck that’s still under warranty; he pointed to Top Gun Diesel’s extensive lineup of Cold Air Intakes. These are a relatively simple modification most truck guys can install themselves in an afternoon of wrenching. Replacing the stock intake with an aftermarket cold air intake allows the engine to breathe in more denser air, thereby creating more power. Any future mods will also benefit from this larger volume air intake, such as EZ Lynk tuning or full on turbo upgrades.

One aspect of diesel performance that Charlie likes to focus on is keeping it clean. While he gets requests all the time for tunes that increase smoking (so called “rolling coal”), Top Gun Diesel doesn’t do that. In his own words, “A little smoke is ok, but blacking out intersections gives the industry a bad image”, and Charlie is all about presenting a positive image for the industry.

When you buy parts and service from Top Gun Diesel, you get the full weight of their commitment to customer satisfaction. As opposed to buying a part from a faceless, anonymous seller on eBay, Charlie actually cares about his customers. The relationship doesn’t end once Top Gun Diesel has your money; it just begins. Your truck is capable of amazing things; and Charlie looks forward to helping you realize your diesel performance dreams.

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