What tuning is best for my truck (EFI Live, MM3, EZ Lynk, HP Tuners)?

When it comes to custom tuning the tunes are only as good as the people writing the tunes. All of the above mentioned tuning platforms will deliver approx the same HP if on a dyno. Our close friend Paul Cato from Maverick Diesel made some very informative comparison videos and explains the results of each. When it comes to custom tuning choose the platform with the features you desire. If you want a tuner/monitor combo then look toward EZ Lynk or MM3. If you don’t need a screen for monitoring gauges then look toward EFI Live or HP Tuners.

What is Shift On The Fly (SOTF) Tuning?

With normal programmers the truck has to be in park with the key on in order to change power levels or tuning parameters. If your tuner is equipped with SOTF tuning you can change power levels and tuning parameters while driving down the road by using a switch or by using a touch screen monitor.

Will a Tuner Increase My Fuel Economy?

Yes, a tuner will help fuel economy in almost every case. A tuner increases the engines efficiencies so therefore the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to do the same amount of work. Most customers see a 2-5 MPG increase depending on driving habits and what the truck is used for.

Why is Custom Tuning Better Than a Box Tuner?

A box tuner such as a Smarty S06, has preloaded “canned” tuning that is intended for a broad spectrum of vehicles and mild modifications. Box tuners are good for the “average joe” that wants to leave his truck stock or modify slightly. If a customer wants their truck to reach its full potential then custom tuning is needed. A custom tune is written specifically for your trucks VIN #/ECM Serial #, application and the trucks modification list. For a highly modified truck running aftermarket injectors, large turbos, CP3s and other parts the use of custom tuning allows for full control of the truck so you can gain that extra HP or speed you are looking for. Custom tuning delivers a smoother, yet more powerful, HP and torque curve and a truck that more enjoyable to drive.