RaceME MM3 Tuner
(PN# MM3)

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MM3 Tuner

The MM3 is based on the RaceME Ultra hardware platform, but the similarities end there. MM3 is dedicated to the custom tuning market and the professional tuner. The MM3 can be considered an “Open Tuning Platform”. It comes “blank”, meaning it has no tuning software installed. It has its firmware, all drivers, communication protocols, ECM unlocks, human interface, Real Time capability, etc. installed. It is designed to be able to load tuning software files from Warp and from a variety of different tuning software’s like UDC Pro. Upon request from the manufacturers of the tuning software’s, it can be easily adapted to load tuning files in any format. Given that the MM3 is a blank unit, ANY performance tuning HAS to come from a professional tuner. Simply put, the tuners build the performance software and the MM3 allows the tuner get his software’s into the ECM. All working principles like, Get stock file, send files, ECM files, Real Time Group and Real Time Parameters are the same as with a RaceME Ultra.

MM3 Features
• 4.3″ Touch Display. Resolution 480 x 272 – 16.3 million colors.
• Two devices: MM3 Touch Display and MM3 Controller each with its own CPU. The Display for the graphics & user interface and the controller for communicating with the ECM.
• Twin CPU design. The fastest Display & Tuner on earth!
• Fastest display start up in the industry. Just four seconds!
• Fastest PID refresh speed in the industry.
• Fastest ECM download in the industry, up to three times faster than the competition, a typical ECM update takes 1.5 to 6 minutes, depending on the model year.
• Small micro USB cable connecting the display and the controller for easy installation.
• MicroSD card for simple and fast updates (included).
• Fully Internet updateable. Updates are always FREE!
• MicroSD card can store multiple UDC custom tunes.
• Works with any MicroSD FAT file system formatted card.
• EGT sensor Reads accurately up to over 2200°F.
Four dashboards, each configurable with five different gauge layouts. • Freely configurable gauge(s) range.
• Two alarms (high and a low range) can be configured for each PID.
• Audible and/or visible alarms can be configured.
• Configured ranges are also displayed through colored bars in all digital gauges.
• Configurable PID refresh speed.
• Each gauge stores/updates and displays the max reached PID value continuously.
• Recorded max values can be reset at any time.
• Customizeable display background.
• Adjustable sound feedback for alarms.

Optional Tuning Shown Below - Available for purchase from our Site:

Custom UDC Pro Tuning for 03-07 5.9L Cummins
Custom Warp Tuning for 07.5-17 6.7L Cummins
ECM Unlock Capability on 13-17 6.7L Cummins
68RFE Trans Tuning available on 10-17 6.7L Cummins